Kathy Long is an Irish musician from County Kilkenny, Ireland. Her Music is an ethereal journey of deep lyrical content and captivating, emotional soundscapes. As a performer she delivers understated, yet moving and thought provoking experiences for your senses.

With influences ranging between Bon Ivor, Joni Mitchell, Norah Jones and the humble upbringing of country life on the family farm, you can hear every step, challenge, love and heartbreak ring through her music. With an unfiltered and ethereal sound, Kathy Long is a one of a kind artist.

Now based in Dublin, Kathy is pursuing her musical journey through recording her first album and showcasing her art in various events and venues around the country.

So, in the words of Kathy Long, "Time is fleeting". And in a world of such precious moments and ultimately short lives, It's safe to say that the musical world of this artist is worth your time. 


photo: @aisha.visuals

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